Meet Our Trainers

Bryan Beymer

As a Dressage trainer for over twenty years, I specialize in training both horse and rider from novice to advanced levels. Assisting you to:

  • Improve your seat, aids and rider technique.
  • Develop proper muscling, tractability and gaits with emphasis on correct equine biomechanics.
  • Build self confidence through positive reinforcement and coaching.

I have worked and trained with Dietrich von Hoppfgarten (1983 -1989) from schooling into FEI levels.

I have ridden clinics with Maria Guenther (Germany), Lilo Fore (USA), Karin Gundersen (Denmark) and Bonnie Bonillo (Canada).

I am currently working with J. Ashton Moore in clinics (2004 to present).


Bre Cooper

Bre is a dressage, jumping and eventing trainer and the owner of Apex Equestrian Training. She specializes in horse training, lessons, sales and OTTB's.


Marybeth Davis

Dora Dean

Dora is a Grand Prix Dressage Trainer and the owner of StarLite Dressage. She welcomes all levels of horses and riders for training.


Deisy Jimenez

Deisy is the owner and head trainer of J-H Equestrian LLC. She has competed in “A” circuit shows since she was 6 years old. She has ridden with top trainers from the PNW, and is now using that knowledge to teach and help other riders achieve their goals and dreams. Specializing in hunter, jumpers, equitation, and training OTTB’s Deisy is ready to help you reach your goals!


Shannon Peavy

Lily Phillips

Lily is a transplant from California, where she has ridden since the age of seven, and has taught since the age of sixteen. Lily has been lucky enough to work with top trainers in the California and Western Washington areas as a teacher, trainer, barn manager, and FEI level groom. She believes in the importance of all aspects of horsemanship and care, as well as fostering a strong partnership and understanding of these incredible animals.


Christy Schwanke

Anna Steinle

Tiffany Woods