Meet Our Trainers

Michelle Abendroth

A native of Western Washington, Michelle Abendroth has spent numerous years on the hunter, jumper and equitation show circuit. She has competed in the "A" rated shows from Canada to California.

Michelle has worked with several top hunter/jumper barns in the northwest and has refined her riding skills. Michelle has an eye for matching horse and rider combinations and has several years of perfecting her teaching style for riders age 10 to 60.

Not only does Michelle love riding, training and teaching she also judges at the local horse shows and gives clinics. Michelle has a strong passion for the horse and recently adopted her horse, Spyro an abused and unhandled colt. Her philosophy is very much based on understanding the horse, the teamwork between horse and rider and then connecting and becoming one.


Bryan Beymer

As a Dressage trainer for over twenty years, I specialize in training both horse and rider from novice to advanced levels. Assisting you to:

  • Improve your seat, aids and rider technique.
  • Develop proper muscling, tractability and gaits with emphasis on correct equine biomechanics.
  • Build self confidence through positive reinforcement and coaching.

I have worked and trained with Dietrich von Hoppfgarten (1983 -1989) from schooling into FEI levels.

I have ridden clinics with Maria Guenther (Germany), Lilo Fore (USA), Karin Gundersen (Denmark) and Bonnie Bonillo (Canada).

I am currently working with J. Ashton Moore in clinics (2004 to present).